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Signs you need to replace your car battery

A clicking sound when you turn on the ignition

Car headlights that are dimmer than usual

Your engine struggles to turn on

Car chargers/radio do not work

Dead battery every morning

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Steps to ensure your car battery is healthy

Keep an eye out for signs related to battery problems

If you notice that your car has a dead battery every morning or that your headlights are dimmer than usual, it may indicate thay you have battery problems that need to be checked.

Maintain your battery well

This can be done by maintaining battery terminals, being aware of your battery expiration date and not leaving electronics in the car or headlights on when not in use.

Make sure you use your car regularly

Non-usage of your car over prolonged periods can cause your battery to discharge.

What our customers say

Frequently asked questions

How soon can you get me moving?

Our technician will reach you as soon as possible and have you up & running as quickly as possible. The time might vary during busy periods and during weekends and public holidays.

Can the technician fit my car with a new battery at the roadside?

Yes, all our technicians patrol in the metropolitan area and will install the car battery at home, work, roadside or wherever you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Will any battery fit my car?

No, different cars require different size batteries depending on model and engine specification. Our technicians at Dial-A-Battery ensure your car is fitted with the correct description to fulfill your car’s optimum needs.

What happens if my battery does not have to be replaced?

Our technicians are professionally trained to diagnose the problem first. If you car battery does not need to be changed, we will be able to advise you on where the problem is and direct you to the right place. At this point we only charge you a diagnosis fee.